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Learn how to manipulate the most important variables in your training to build muscle as fast as possible. Ten chapters of actionable info.

The experience-based guide for improving pectus excavatum. Learn proper strength training, stretching, and mobility techniques for pectus.

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Muscle Manual

Chapter 1: The 3 Triggers For Muscle Growth
Chapter 2: Major & Minor Training Variables
Chapter 3: Application of Major Variables
Chapter 4: Application of Minor Variables
Chapter 5: Single-Joint vs. Multi-Joint Exercises
Chapter 6: Fatigue
Chapter 7: Effective Range of Motion
Chapter 8: Mind-To-Muscle Connection
Chapter 9: Nutrition, Recovery, and Growth
Chapter 10: Putting All Of This Into Action

Free Download

Pectus Handbook

Chapter 1: Facts About Pectus Excavatum
Chapter 2: Breathing Exercises For Pectus
Chapter 3: Strength training & Exercise Selection
Chapter 4: The Muscle & Strength Cycle
Chapter 5: Mobility Work & Hatha Yoga
Chapter 6: Nutritional Needs
Chapter 7: Putting It Into Action
Chapter 8: About The Author