Pectus Programs

Here are the best options we have to help with Pectus Excavatum. 

The Pectus Warriors Program is designed to help you prepare for and/or recover from surgery. It includes up to 15 months of training programming (3 months pre-op and 12 months post-op). This can be done in a gym or at home and you will have access to all variations.

If you are not having surgery or already had it years ago, then your best option would be a custom training and nutrition program that we can design for any goal you’d like. 

We also have The Spartan Program, which is very popular for individuals with Pectus Excavatum looking to build muscle and change the shape of their physique, without going all in on a custom plan. This will require a gym, or at least a lot of weight and equipment if you train at home.

Pectus Warriors Program

Training & Nutrition Program for the Nuss Procedure for Pectus Excavatum


This program will guide you through 9+ months of training, nutrition, mobility, and mindfulness starting in any phase of the Pectus journey you may be. Whether you are getting prepared for surgery in the coming months, just had surgery a week ago, or had surgery 3+ months ago, you will be able to jump right into the program and begin reaping the benefits. 

  • No access to a gym? No problem, we have a version of the program built specifically for working out at home with minimal equipment (only resistance bands are needed).

What's Included:

Platinum Tier

Training & Nutrition Coaching

$255 – $300 per month (3 – month minimum)

The Platinum Tier Training & Nutrition Coaching is our most popular offering. We will work together to build you a custom training and nutrition program specifically for your goal, schedule, and equipment access. This also has the most hands-on attention from me, though you are welcome to work through more of it on your own if you wish. I will be checking in with you each weekend to assess your progress and update your program. You will also have access to the two video coaching calls each week (Thursdays and Saturdays) to discuss anything you’d like with me. You will need to book a consultation if you are interested in starting this or learning more (watch the video if you haven’t already). Other custom coaching options can be found here.

Groceries & Food

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The Spartan Program - Mass Gain

Mass gain program built to push the limits of drug-free muscle growth


This 16-week program is designed to help you pack on up to 1 pound of mass per week using a 5 day per week training split (4 days per week also possible). Not only will each of your workouts be purpose-built for adding mass, you will have an automated nutrient calculator telling you exactly where your macros and calories need to be. These values are then adjusted weekly based on your weigh-ins. You will also be invited to 2 coaching calls with Kyle every week to discuss your progress and ensure that things run smoothly. 

What's Included:

What's Included:

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