Welcome To The Pectus Warriors Trial


Welcome to The Pectus Warriors Program Trial. My name is Kyle Blandford and I will be your coach for the next two weeks (and hopefully the following 9+ months that the full program provides). By using this program you are proactively taking recovery into your own hands, and building a foundation that you can use long after surgery. Follow each section of the program, paying close attention to details, and you will begin noticing consistent improvement in your strength, endurance, mobility, nutrition, and mindfulness. 

You will have access to the first two weeks of the Pre-op Program, the first four weeks of the Post-op Program, and the first two weeks of the Post-Limitations Program. These programs are built for very specific phases, they make no sense to perform sequentially. Pick the program that is best suited for you.

  • Pre-op Program begins 3 months out from surgery
  • Post-op Program begins immediately after surgery
  • Post-Limitation Program begins 3 months after surgery (after you are cleared for weight lifting)

The Pre-op and Post-Limitations section of the plan have multiple tiers of difficulty depending on your equipment access and exercise history. If you aren’t planning to have surgery you can jump right into the Post-Limitations phase of the plan. Make sure to read through all of the directions and watch each video before beginning the program so you don’t miss any important details. I’m incredibly excited to go on this journey with you. Good luck and let’s get to work.


Choose Your Program

Surgery in the next few months? Start here.

Post-op Trial

If you are within 3 months post-op, start here.

Post-Limitations Trial

4 months post-op or not having surgery, start here.

I was born with Pectus Excavatum. As a kid, I was very self-conscious of the fact that my chest had a “hole” in it. I was embarrassed to take my shirt off and I hated answering questions about whether or not I could eat cereal out of my chest. At the age of 18, I decided it was time to address the issue and go through surgery to fix the way my chest looked. While my initial reasoning for pursuing the surgery was cosmetic, I came to find out that my sternum was putting pressure on the right ventricle of my heart and needed to be addressed, regardless of the way it looked. I had been an athlete all of my life and up to this point, I had no physical symptoms, no breathing issues, nothing. So I was quite surprised to find out that my heart was having to work harder due to this deformity.

I ended up going through the surgery after my senior year in high school and immediately loved how much better my chest looked. The part that I didn’t love, was the three-month recovery, where I was told I had to rest and avoid picking up any weight. Mind you, I had fallen in love with weight lifting about two years prior, so going to the gym and working out every day had become a daily ritual of mine. Over the next three months, I went from a very lean 175 (at 6’1) to 160 pounds. The combination of no exercise and a long period of using pain medications had lessened my appetite, causing me to eat less overall and lose a lot of muscle.

When I was finally cleared to begin regular exercise, I had just begun college at Miami University for Kinesiology. My only focus at the time was rebuilding the muscle I had lost. My first workout back, I took things very easy, didn’t push myself too terribly hard, and I woke up the next morning with the most incredible soreness I’d ever experienced. It was quite shocking how unaccustomed to training my body had become. Over the course of the next few months (and years), I logged all of my workouts and kept very specific notes about how each exercise felt. I was also eating everything I could get my hands on in order to not be skinny anymore.

I went on to graduate with my bachelors in Kinesiology, minor in Coaching, and began working as a Personal Trainer. After a few years in a big box gym and having worked with a few hundred clients, I set off on my own to start HYPERTROFIT LLC, a company that I could use to reach many more people than I could within the walls of one gym. It was this venture that allowed me to pursue the passion project that you are now reading.

The Pectus Warriors Course was created to address the questions: What can I do? and What should I do? This program is here to provide structure, guide you through the next nine months, and give you the best plan of action to prepare for and recover from surgery. It can be geared towards someone who has never worked out in their life as well as someone who has already spent years in the gym. I will show you how to get stronger, how to improve your diet, and give you every possible advantage I can to help you not only recover, but grow into the greatest version of yourself.

Going through Pectus surgery is a badge of honor you get to carry with you for the rest of your life. It’s not something that will hold you back, it’s something that will push you forward. You will endure pain and you will grow stronger because of it. I’m incredibly excited for the transformation you are about to go through. Let’s do this.

My 8 year journey from 2011 – 2019


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