Pectus Excavatum

My Pectus Journey

I was born with Pectus Excavatum and never really knew what it was for the longest time. I experienced my fair share of ridicule through middle and high school for the shape of my chest and eventually underwent the Nuss procedure as an 18 year old. I had two titanium bars in place under my sternum for over 7 years and have since had them removed. 

Chances are if you’ve experienced something pectus related or surgery related, I’ve been there myself. It can be incredibly challenging to be confident in the way you look with pectus excavatum and that is exactly why I’ve devoted so much time and effort to working with individuals just like me.

Training & Nutrition For Pectus Excavatum

While the majority of sound training and nutrition advice still applies to individuals with pectus excavatum, there are special considerations that should be made, particularly in the case of exercise selection, frequency, and volume.

Through a decade of personal experience and having worked with hundreds of clients all over the country, we’ve developed a comprehensive strategy for pectus excavatum specific training for each phase of this journey. Whether you are coming to us in preparation for the Nuss procedure or are simply looking to improve your physique without surgery, we can provide you with the tried and true roadmap.

Below you will find a number of free resources as well as programs designed specifically for individuals with PE. And please, schedule a call if you need any help whatsoever.

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Free Download

The Pectus Handbook

Chapter 1: Facts About Pectus Excavatum
Chapter 2: Breathing Exercises For Pectus
Chapter 3: Strength training & Exercise Selection
Chapter 4: The Muscle & Strength Cycle
Chapter 5: Mobility Work & Hatha Yoga
Chapter 6: Nutritional Needs
Chapter 7: Putting It Into Action
Chapter 8: About The Author

Pectus Warriors Program

Training & Nutrition Program for the Nuss Procedure for Pectus Excavatum


This program will guide you through 9+ months of training, nutrition, mobility, and mindfulness starting in any phase of the Pectus journey you may be. Whether you are getting prepared for surgery in the coming months, just had surgery a week ago, or had surgery 3+ months ago, you will be able to jump right into the program and begin reaping the benefits. 

  • No access to a gym? No problem, we have a version of the program built specifically for working out at home with minimal equipment (only resistance bands are needed).

What's Included: