Spartan Program - Mass Gain

Mass gain program built to push the limits of drug-free muscle growth

This 16-week program is designed to help you pack on up to 1 pound of mass per week using a 5 day per week training split (4 days per week also possible). Not only will each of your workouts be purpose-built for adding mass, you will have an automated nutrient calculator telling you exactly where your macros and calories need to be. These values are then adjusted weekly based on your weigh-ins. You will also be invited to 2 coaching calls with Kyle every week to discuss your progress and ensure that things run smoothly. 

What is the Spartan Program?

  • 16-Week Training Program: Delivered through the HypertroFit Training App, showcasing advanced training techniques, how-to videos, and a training log. You will be guided step-by-step through a serious growth phase.
  • Automated Nutrient Calculator: Weigh in each week and let the algorithm determine exactly how your macronutrient and calorie intake needs to be adjusted.
  • Supplement Protocol: Only the most effective supplements used, no extra B.S. that you don't need.
  • Exercise Videos: Every exercise prescribed in this program has an accompanying video showcasing proper technique along with notes on exactly how to execute every set and rep.
  • Coaching Calls and Private Community: You will be invited to the 2 coaching calls with Kyle each week for the duration of your program. These are here for you to get feedback and advice, while holding you accountable so that you actually reach your goal. You will have access to a private forum for additional content, Q&A's and coaching. If you ever have questions about the program, your nutrition, or your progress, you can come here to get the answer.
  • Training With Purpose: Every rep and every set has a defined purpose. If you've never trained with this level of intentionality then you will be in for a serious treat. Your body will begin responding immediately.

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How is the program delivered?

Upon sign up, you will receive an email to set up your training account through the HypertroFit Training App. Once your account is active you will have full access to the program.

How much muscle can I build with this program?

While I can’t guarantee a specific result, the program is designed to put around 1 pound of mass on your frame per week (this will not all be muscle). The nutrient calculator automatically adjusts your intake needs based on changes in weight. The better your compliance, the more likely it is that you’ll find your weight moving in this direction.

How many days per week of training are in the program?

The Spartan Program is a 5 day per week training plan that can also be performed as a 4 day per week plan by dropping the 5th day each week.

I’m brand new to lifting weights, is this a good plan to start with?

Unfortunately no, I would not recommend this program if you are brand new to training. There are a number of techniques used in this program that are beyond the scope of a beginner. If you would like to discuss options that may be a better fit for you, feel free to contact me here.

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